Welcome to RT Logistics

We Deliver The Relaxed Way!

General Overview I have an important question for you.. Are you looking for a relaxed & friendly Virtual Trucking Company with active Staff & members, also active within the TruckersMP community?

well.... Relaxed Truckers Logistic VTC is definitely the right place for you! About Us? After our very hyped release on 4th of May 2019, we have already hit over 20 active members within the company.

We had only one goal in mind, The goal was pretty simple.. create an enjoyable place to meet new people and also to make new gaming friends. We are very proud to state that we're growing within a tight knitted community!

VTC Requirements?

• Must be 16+,

• Must have at least 100 hours on ETS2 or ATS [this can be measured combined if have both games]

• Have a working Microphone and Speak very good English,

• Be willing to turn up to inhouse or other VTC convoys,

• Be active within the VTC.

• Abided by RTL rules. What Do We Offer To Our Members!

• 20+ Active Members,

• Monthly Rewards,

• NO weekly or monthly logging limits,

• Discord Friendly job logging system,

• Single Player & Multiplayer Mods,

• Active Management & Staff always happy to help,

Get Connected, with us!

• Discord: https://discord.gg/CDDUMMc

• Website: rt-vtc.net

• Twitter: https://twitter.com/rt_vtc

If you want to find more information just simply join our Official Discord server and get in touch!

We Deliver The Relaxed Way!

VTLOG Status

Good Evening drivers we are currently 42nd within the whole of VTLOG. 


Well Done keep it up!

1 Month, 3 Days




Jobs logged

2,906,671 km

Distance driven

706,302 t

Cargo moved

946,883 L

Fuel used